Karen Walker, a great place for a great escape

Every person has a place in mind that they want to go for their great escape. Imagine that after working so hard for a long period of time, there's a place like paradise where people can relieve their stress. Everybody wants to go there definitely. There are many places like that scattered all around the world. Different people have different favorite great escape places. Some prefers to go to Europe for their great escape but some prefers to go to Asia to relieve their stress. Designer Karen Walker herself has her own favorite paradise. Since she was raised in New Zealand, she loves to spend her holiday time in the nearby island like Fiji and Waiheke.

Taupo in the Waiheke Island is her favorite place that she mostly goes. The first time she went there when she was still 7 years old and 30 years later, she still considers that the view is still as beautiful as the first time she visited that place. In Taupo, she always goes to Huka Lodge, a very special place in the world with a breath-taking view. Since the place is near the Waikato River, Karen walker often goes camping in the river bank and plays near the river. She remembers falling asleep watching the mesmerizing turquoise green water of the Waikato River that flow on its way downstream to Huka Falls.

As Karen rests near the river bank, she sees her husband tries his hand at fly-fishing in Waikato River. The atmosphere of the place is really full with tranquility and peace. The location of the Huka Lodge is also a bit private, just perfect for those who seek a great escape place. There's also a service that offers a private cruise for crossing the Taupo River. Karen walker( click here definitely takes that opportunity. It's so energizing to swim and dive in the cool and clean water with the crisp clean air after being in the big cities for so long on work trips. 

Besides Huka lodge, there is other place that Karen and her husband loves to go. It's located near the Fijian Island and people called it as Dolphin Island. It's a tropical island that rich with Fijian elements design that was brought in a truly sophisticated way. Karen walker first visit in the Dolphin Island was in 2012 after the New York Fashion Week. The island itself offers atmosphere that is perfect for healing the body and soul. It's a pleasure moment for her to stay in the Dolphin Island and most of all; she loves the food. Fresh fruit and fish are mostly cooked with coconut milk and curry spices and served on a banana leaf plate.

Those two places are indeed a great escape place. The fresh crisp clean air and cool clean water is a good combination to relieve stress for a busy person like Karen walker. She stayed in both places for about a week and said that that was her best experiences ever. By seeing the river, swimming on the lake, cozying around on super comfy pool side daybeds while reading fashion magazines, those refreshing activities truly bring much delight to a Karen walker's life and relieves her stress.